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Zero Money Upfront – No Contract or Commitment To Pay For Heating & Cooling Leads

I Will Start Sending You Phone Leads Directly – If You Are Happy with These Leads and Want to Keep Them Coming We Can Work Out an Affordable Arrangement.  If After Roughly 30-45 Days You Do Not Want the Leads to Continue – You Don’t Owe Me Anything

No Money Up Front, No Contract and No Commitment to Even Pay for Leads I Send You

I do this with the expectation that once you see the value in the leads we generate – you will be very interested in keeping the leads coming in.  All of the pressure is on me to perform and send you value

You always pay me after the fact – there is never any risk at all to you – we send you the leads and then we determine together the value of those leads at month’s end. 

How We Send the Leads

  • We Have Made a Website for AC & Heating & Promoted it Throughout the County
  • We Are Already Receiving Visitors to the Website – However the Website is Generic
  • We Need to Brand the Website to Your Company & Strengths Before People Will Really Begin to Call
  • Once the Calls Come in They Will Go Directly to You Through a Special Tracking Phone Number
  • At the End of the Month We Send You a Report of Exactly What Leads Were Sent Broken Out by Type (Install, Repair Etc)
  • Our Sites Typically Generate 2-25+ Calls a Day From Throughout a Countywide Area

If you wish to stop receiving the leads at any time we will take all of your information off the lead generation website and stop forwarding calls. There is no obligation whatsoever and you can walk away at any time. We make it this easy because we deliver. 

It’s a super simple and straight-forward arrangement. If you are interested give me a call and we’ll discuss particulars and  see if we can work together.


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